Customers pay for access to the Accelerator and its prime actors. They gain three benefits from the Solution Accelerator: networks, reputation, and insights.

Networks. Customers gain access to a city, state, or country’s prime actors, in educational and neutral settings with opportunities for informal meetings. After each round, potential cross-sector, cross-border, cross-faction trust networks are identified for prime actors. Those prime actors are notified and invited to gather to meet and learn about each other; customers are notified of these exclusive gatherings, and invited as well.

Reputation. Each Solution Accelerator is a public good because of its inclusive range of prime actors, because of its transparent processes, and because of its public sharing of data after each round of anonymous interviews. Customers may choose to advertise their support for the Accelerator as a large public good, or they may support the Accelerator discretely.

Insights. The Accelerator staff analyzes the data after each round and produce a generic analysis, available only to prime actors and customers. On request, the Accelerator staff produces analyses tailored to particular questions for customers and prime actors (not outsiders).