Stuart Bowen Jr., Special Inspector General
for Iraq Reconstruction

"INCA is a tool for our times. You could spend a fortune on consultants to get what INCA can provide at a fraction of the cost. Efficient and effective, this 21st Century methodology is geared to our rapidly changing world. It will open doors to insights that allow progress where none seemed possible. Eric Wolterstorff, the creator of this unique tool, will aid those working in unstable zones to find paths toward peace and prosperity in settings where conflict and chaos seemed endemic. I've worked with Eric and am pleased to vouch for his integrity, commitment, and professionalism.  INCA and Eric can solve your worldwide problems -- at the ground level."

Lieutenant Guy Swan III

"The United States and its international partners will continue to face real challenges in a world of failing states and seemingly endless clashes of culture and ideology. In order to appropriately address such challenges, there is a real need for a deeper understanding of the environment.  This is essential for fostering effective relationships with local partners and improving mission outcomes.  Existing tools are no longer up to the task. The INCA process meets this critical need for United States stabilization and nation-building operations. INCA elicits and integrates national assessments from the subjective perceptions of local stakeholders, factions, and outside interests into an objective matrix.  With this, officials can make better informed decisions that will have lasting effects." 

Ambassador John McDonald

"I have often said, “The only way to solve a conflict, at any level of society, is to sit down, face to face, and talk about it.”  INCA applies this principle on a nation-wide scale.  INCA is built on known best practices, like multi-track diplomacy, to strengthen developing nations, regardless of their state of development.  It has a deep respect for culture and the right of a nation to direct its own course.  If I were a new President, Prime Minister, or even mayor of a struggling city, I would want to apply INCA as the fastest way possible to improved economy, conflict management, and necessary service delivery to the citizens.  It would be my best insurance for securing and maintaining political power."


Nancy Bearg,

Former National Security Council Staff Member and former CEO, EnterpriseWorks Worldwide

"INCA is a vital comprehensive approach to societies' building themselves"

Other endorsements:

"The approach you introduced is very good. You helped us turn around and manage a chaotic project, with different languages, cultures, and politics, full of competing agendas all at play at once. I thank you.” -Hanafi Guciano, PhD, Coordinator, Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership Jakarta, Indonesia (a national perspective, 2013)

“I think people did not believe how bad things were and needed to be shocked into getting it, which you helped us do in a blunt and humorous way. You outlined the predictable changes that would take place as we started to move to a functional state.” -Amanda Whyte, Facility Manager, Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership Jakarta, Indonesia (an international perspective, 2013) 

“If I had had [Sovereignty First Founder] Eric's help during Katrina, I believe I would still be the head of FEMA.” -Michael Brown, Former Director of the United States Federal Emergency Management Association (a government official’s perspective, 2006)