An Independent Forum

The Accelerator serves as an independent forum for gatherings of prime actors.

Educational events. At the end of each round of interviews, Accelerator offices host gatherings in which staff present the updated data from the round, and a general analysis of how the changed perceptions and conditions might matter to prime actors, customers, their priorities, and the country. The event also provides an opportunity for informal meetings among prime actors, and between prime actors and customers.

Coalition-building events. During the Accelerator staff’s analysis of data from each round, potential unconventional trust networks are revealed. The Accelerator teams shares the analysis (and methodology) with each potential member of the possible trust network. The Accelerator staff holds small events for potential members of the new network, until they begin to meet on their own.

The events are not constrained by the protocols or overpowering influence of any particular actor. Free of a formal agenda, the events form a space in which participants can meet, exchange ideas, and build new relationships.