Modified Delphi

A systematic way to make friends and influence people.

The Delphi Method was created at the RAND Corporation 60 years ago to generate agreement among experts about complex social, political, and military problems. Since that time, Delphi has been applied thousands of times, and modified and tested with a wide range of complex problems. Sovereignty First modified the Delphi Method for use by the Solution Accelerator. Here is how our Delphi works:

  • We ask every interview participant the same questions (those make up the Shared Information Framework)      

  • Interview participants are prime actors, not traditional “experts”

  • Interviews are anonymous

  • The process is public with results published at the end of each round (e.g., names of the organizations associated with each participant are published)

  • The rounds of interviews and feedback are ongoing, not limited to a defined number of rounds.