Investment banks and family offices sustain significant risks employing a strategy of "insulation" 

  1. In focus on more developed economies, thereby ignoring opportunities to improve the investment readiness of scores of transitional economies.

  2. In priority, by committing disproportionately to stable countries, thereby ignoring rising problems in less developed countries and contributing to negative regional and international secondary effects, such as global environmental degradation and mass migration.

  3. In interaction, by engaging with select local, national, regional, and international stakeholders and ignoring other key actors and spoilers, thereby adding risk to the investment.

  4.  In communication—because different industries, sectors of society, and governmental agencies describe and conceptualize situations differently, which leads to all-pervasive miscommunication and misunderstanding.  

An additional risk for family offices

  1. In scope, targeting only isolated issues such as immunization, monitoring elections, educating girls, or digging wells neglects the development of the country as a whole, thereby leaving investments vulnerable to unforeseen disruptions, and undermining the long-term viability of any investment.


  • INCA (Inclusive Nationalism Capacity Assessment): a comprehensive, developmental, simple assessment

  • The Shared Information Framework: a process to generate common understanding among influential organizations

INCA and the Shared Information Framework help with the all the problems listed above by solving the communication problem.

INCA and the Shared Information Framework offer a successfully field-tested approach to generate a comprehensive developmental understanding of a chosen country and provides a common shared vocabulary to describe and think about the country. 

INCA and the Shared Information Framework enable broad engagement of key stakeholders and effective communication among local and international public and private sector organizations about the threats, risks, challenges and opportunities in a country, and the sovereign and adaptive capacities of the country. 

INCA and the Shared Information Framework help prepare new markets for investment banks, help social impact investors to solve environmental and social challenges, and lower the risks and costs of doing business for ventures already at work within the country.

In a single image, INCA represents a picture of a country that is comprehensive and reveals threats to the country and the country’s capacity to adapt to those threats. Based on transparency and inclusiveness, the framework and INCA serve as a universal foundation for communication about any aspect of a country.

INCA sample March 2018.jpg