History of project: (ignore below)

In an 18 month period in 2016-2017, Sovereignty First conducted several rounds of interviews with the most influential prime actors in Syria to gauge their perceptions of each others’ involvement in Syria. Through these extensive interviews, engaging with the regional and international actors, as well as with Syrian actors among the diaspora and within Syria itself, Sovereignty First was capable of generating a truly comprehensive picture of Syrian political and cultural realities in the wake of five years of fighting. A Sovereignty First Framework project for Syria reached out and drew into conversation actors from all sides of the current conflict.

Funding the Syria project will help place teams in the field in order to ensure inclusion of all prime actors. It will also support:

  • Travel to ensure that all actors have an opportunity to participate,

  • Implementation of the framework in a way that will enlist perspectives from actors across economic, political, military, social, and cultural spectrums.

  • A media campaign to promote participation in the framework, encourage public engagement, and attract additional partners to support implementation across Syria and refugee locations. It will tell Syria's to the world.