Sovereign Capacity:


A Phase IV assessment

In the chart below, 5 dimensions of Syria’s capacity to govern itself are shown, from left (“Distribution of Power”) to right (“International Reputation”). Taken together, the 5 dimensions of the x-axis offer a comprehensive, holistic view of Syria’s capacity to govern itself.  

Government is important because it is the primary force in a country for protecting the country, enforcing the law, and the provision and protection of public goods.   

The Question

Local, provincial, and national governmental bureaucracies manage the daily business of government. Our interest is in the perceived effectiveness, efficiency, and corruption of the governmental bureaucracy. In this country:  

The Level

1.    Most local governmental bureaucracies either do not exist, or have none of these qualities: effective, efficient, low corruption.

The capacity of government in Syria enables the country to respond effectively to existential threats.

In the chart, higher levels indicate greater capacity within that dimension for Syrians to respond effectively to existential global threats, from Level 1 (very weak) to 8 (very strong).

  • The highest rating: light green. 
  • The average rating: a triangle.  
  • The level identified most often: a cross. 
  • The lowest rating: dark green
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