Prime Actors  

The 100 actors—local, regional, and international—most influential in a society.


  • The national government, some local governments, regional and international governments

  • The national military and intelligence service, the military and intelligence services of some regional and international countries

  • Secessionist actors, rebel groups, and non-state violent actors

  • National political, ethnic, religious groups, and other local civil society actors

  • International NGOs

  • International multilateral organizations

  • Local, regional, and international traditional and new media organizations

  • Local, regional, and international businesses

  • Local, regional, and international financial institutions and other investors.

We conduct rounds of extensive interviews with formal or informal representatives of most of the most influential of these organizations, businesses, agencies, and coalitions.

We name the most influential 100 as prime actors, and they are granted rights of membership in the Solution Accelerator paired with that city, state, or country. 

Take a look at the list of prime actors from our beta test in Syria in 2016-2017.