The situation: Currently the world faces clusters of environmental crises, made complex by intersecting political, economic, social, and cultural problems.

To address these complex problems most governments, companies, and NGOs use a top-down strategy to both design and attempt to implement solutions.  This often involves the hiring of outside experts to create a solution for a problem. Then funders of the project usually choose the solution that best fits their predetermined criteria. Implementation of the solution is then attempted using the connections that the company or organization has developed on the ground. Unhappily, it is rare that local organizations are involved in the solution’s design and so have little attachment to it, often leading to the solution’s failure to take root. Even when a project is successful, it is usually only able to address one element of highly complex problems. This leads to unintended consequences that often make the problem worse.  

The world cannot afford to continue with this current system. The time to transform the system is now. The Solution Accelerator is a tool that will make that transformation possible.

Our vision: To transform the way humanity solves its complex problems and existential threats.

Our mission: We helps groups solve complex problems.