Sovereignty First, LLC

What we do

We use inclusion and transparency to build communities that cooperate across factions, sectors, and cultures. Our “communities of transparency” reveal common ground and create opportunities for any venture to succeed.

What is a “community of transparency?”

In a transparent community, the hundred or so most influential organizations and individuals know of each other, have regular access to each other, and share a common understanding of the society in which they operate. 

How do we do it?

Over five years, we use an inclusive assessment, a host of facilitative tools, and a common vocabulary to rapidly build a diverse community of actors who share the same understanding of a society’s capacity, threats, and each other, enabling them to find the common ground and partners necessary to negotiate sustainable agreements. 

Where and when have you done this?

Since 2013, we have conducted successful partial beta projects in Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, and Syria.

What’s the next step?

Please contact us if you are ready to build a national “community of transparency” in your country or another in whose success you are invested.