Sovereignty First is a diplomatic firm that aims to reduce systemic risk in emerging markets by generating a more transparent landscape for our clients.

We provide the most practical understanding of a country possible, customized to lower risk and speed deployment for private businesses, investors, governments and activists, allowing our clients to operate with transparency and to create reliable partnerships in order to maximize investments.


Imagine the Shared Information Framework has been running in a country for 5 years. 

  • Most of the organizations you talk with use the same vocabulary to describe the country (“dimensions,” “levels of capacity,” “local experts,” “competing threats,” “love of country,” “prime actors,” “motivation,” “prime actors’ priorities,” “convergence”).
  • You and they have a common understanding of the country, of each other, and of each others’ perspectives. 
  • Conversations and negotiations are quicker and easier. You have country based networks to draw on to implement your ventures. 
  • The negotiation of sustainable multi-party agreements is now a more predictable process. 

With the Shared Information Framework, you create that world.