Syrian Economic and Cultural Capacity:
Arts, History, and Ethics

A Phase IV assessment

In the chart below, 8 dimensions of Syria’s economic and cultural capacity are shown, from left (“Economy”) to right (“Religion”). Taken together, the 8 dimensions of the x-axis offer a comprehensive, holistic view of Syria’s capacity to govern itself.  

The Arts, History, and Ethics are important because a country is only as strong as is citizens are informed about their country, heritage, the world, and their responsibilities to their country. 

The Question

Which of the following activities do the citizens of this country regularly experience, learn about, and discuss:

The Level:

3.     Citizens are engaged with national history, cultural history, and social responsibility.

The more the self-awareness of Syrian citizens, of their history, culture, and responsibility to their fellow citizens the more the country will respond effectively to existential threats.

In the chart, higher levels indicate greater capacity within that dimension for Syrians to respond effectively to existential global threats, from Level 1 (very weak) to 8 (very strong).

  • The highest rating: light green. 
  • The average rating: a triangle.  
  • The level identified most often: a cross. 
  • The lowest rating: dark green
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