Jordan is a stable country within a highly unstable region. 

Over the course of its history, the people of Jordan have navigated complex political, economic, military, and environmental threats to maintain the country's security and prosperity in ways that its near neighbors have not.

As threats in the region become more complex and extreme, however, successfully resolving them – through national initiatives, legislation, negotiation, or other means – has become much more difficult. To maintain stability and security for the country, Jordan must increase its sovereignty. To increase its sovereignty, Jordan must deliberately and systematically increase its capacity to respond to complex threats. 

This site will present five brief profiles of the major threats facing Jordan today and some of the implications for the country if they are not successfully resolved. Though the threats are very different from each other, they share key features that must be considered if they are to be addressed effectively:

  • Each threat will require agreements between multiple actors influential in the life of the country to solve. These agreements must also be jointly enforced by the actors if the threats are to be reduced or eliminated.
  • None of these five threats can be resolved with simple short-term approaches. Each requires complex multi-stage actions to solve.
  • All of these threats negatively affect multiple dimensions of Jordanian society. Each will require many kinds of resources (physical, cultural, political, and others) to resolve.

Though these threats are highly complex and present great challenges to Jordan, they can be resolved with a national tool that engages all necessary actors to create, resource, implement, and enforce long-term solutions.