Round 3, July 2017.                                                                                                     العربية


Creative Associates


Amount of influence in the life of Syria

       Lowest rating: 2 of 5

       Highest rating: 4 of 5

       Average rating ( 2 assessments): 3 of 5

Commitment to inclusive nationalism for Syria

      Core : 0%

      Champion: 0%

      Conditional: 100%

      Neutral: 0%

      Opposed: 0%


Importance of Creative Associates in the life of Syria

Round 3 statements (Nov. 2016 - July 2017):

   "A prime donor to Local Councils, and a main implementer of non-lethal support to the Free Syrian Army. They are a core implementer to the Free Syrian Police Program.” (233911)

    "Supported by the United States State Department. They do a lot of training and offer money to start up projects. They will be important to the recovery.” (233881)

Round 2 statements (Nov. 2016 - July 2017):

   "They help the local councils and civic associations. They do training and offer machinery." (223881)