Round 3, July 2017.                                                                                                     العربية


United States


Amount of influence in the life of Syria

       Lowest rating: 2 of 5

       Highest rating: 5 of 5

       Average rating ( 12 assessments): 3.7 of 5

Commitment to inclusive nationalism for Syria

      Core : 0%

      Champion: 33%

      Conditional: 50%

      Neutral: 8%

      Opposed: 8%


Importance of the United States in the life of Syria

Round 3 statements (Nov. 2016 - July 2017):

         "Their Syria policy is unclear through both the Obama and Trump administrations. It is very concerned and wants to restrain Assad. It has the most powerful military in the world. It is concerned with global terrorism and refugees. It would like Assad to go.” (239312)

         "They are fighting directly with IS. Any action they do has a massive impact. The April 2017 bombing of the Syria airfield redirected western attention against Assad.” (236592)

         "Both in terms of support or lack of support it will have consequences on what happens in Syria and its ability to bring people to the negotiating table.” (233121)

          "Their non-intervention shapes a part of the country. The United States was not as great an influence in the war because of its non-involvement.” (235781)

          "They are trying to impose their will on Syria and in direct opposition to Russia. They support the opposition. It condemns the way the war has been fought.” (233531)

         "We hope they will stand by the revolution. We used to like jeans and western movies because they are American. We were surprised by the role they have taken in this. They could have resolved this a long time ago. They could have unseated Assad since he lost his legitimacy a long time ago. They only seem to be concerned with ISIL, who killed a few thousand, rather than Assad, who killed millions.” (230713)

         "The largest donor for Syrian humanitarian response. Supports a significant number of armed groups. Have a vested political interest in opposing Russian expansion. Leader of the International Coalition Against ISIL.” (233911)

          "Most Syrians love them.” (231211)

         "They are not intervening right now.” (238631)

          "Member of P5, has the ability to mediate. One of the most powerful nations in the world if it chooses to act.” (234281)