Round 3, July 2017.                                                                                                     العربية




Amount of influence in the life of Syria

       Lowest rating: 1 of 5

       Highest rating: 4 of 5

       Average rating ( 6 assessments): 2.3 of 5

Commitment to inclusive nationalism for Syria

      Core : 0%

      Champion: 40%

      Conditional: 60%

      Neutral: 0%

      Opposed: 0%


Importance of France in the life of Syria

Round 3 statements (Nov. 2016 - July 2017):

   "Similar to the United States. France's military operations in Syria regarding the Islamic State increased after the Paris attacks.” (239312)

   "They are the best country dealing with Syria, but they are not decision makers.” (230713)

   "France is still important to Syria. Sykes-Picot is still important.” (233881)

   "All the Christians in Syria love France.” (231211)

   "France couldn't even pass its resolution in the Security Council. It was important as a colonial occupier, but not so much anymore.” (238631)

Round 2 statements (Nov. 2016 - July 2017):

   “From the beginning they supported the revolution.” (221641)

   “Very powerful country. They used to help the Syrian people a lot before the revolution. There are strong historical ties since the 1945 agreement. They are considering sending troops in Syria.” (223911)

   “They made the Alawi. They are the power which brought them to the presidency.” (221211)

    “Mrs. Mitterand is a friend of the Kurds. France supported Bashar Al Assad when he came to power, but they changed. They are against him now. They will be a part of helping Syria in the future.” (221641)

   “The have political weight, and are a permanent member of the UN Security Council.” (223911)

   “All the Christians in Syria love France.” (221211)

Round 1 statements (Jan. 2016 - May 2016):

   “Close to Qatar, Saudis, Turkey. Always in step with the United States.” (215261)