Round 3, July 2017.                                                                                                     العربية



Amount of influence in the life of Syria

       Lowest rating: 1 of 5

       Highest rating: 5 of 5

       Average rating ( 6 assessments): 3.7 of 5

Commitment to inclusive nationalism for Syria

      Core : 100%

      Round 2 suggestions to strengthen:

                 “Give them the means to defend themselves.” (221211)

      Champion: 0%

      Conditional: 0%

      Neutral: 0%

      Opposed: 0%


Importance of the Sunni in the life of Syria

Round 3 statements (Nov. 2016 - July 2017):

     "Majority, but have no say.” (230713)

     "Against dividing Syria and against Assad.” (231211)

     "This is too big an umbrella to mean much. They are the main business elite.” (238631)

Round 2 statements (Nov. 2016 - July 2017):

   “They want Syria to be a moderate Islamist state. They want Syria to be united.” (221641)

   “80% of Syria is Sunni. Most massacres are against the Sunnis. They are dislocated. They are the real civil society of Syria, very developed. If democracy is to be respected the world should respect the Sunni. They have no problem with other sectors of the population.” (220291)

   “They are the majority.” (223881)

    “Against dividing Syria and against Assad.” (221211)