Ninety-six (96) local, regional, and international organizations and entities (prime actors) were identified by their peers as influential in the life of Syria. In the chart below, the left column ranks the prime actors from most influential in shaping the life in Syria (Russia) to the least influential (Relief International).

The chart also shows the classification of prime actors into five stances indicating the actor's support and contribution to inclusive nationalism for Syria, starting from the most committed (Core) to the least committed (Saboteur).

Amount of influence of Jaish al-Islam in the life of Syria, and their commitment to inclusive nationalism for Syria.

25 prime actors participated in the following:

  • Determining the rank of Jaish al-Islam according to the amount of their influence on life in Syria. As shown in the chart below, Jaish al-Islam ranked 50th most influential prime actor.
  • Assessing and classifying Jaish al-Islam according to their commitment to inclusive nationalism for Syria (also indicated in the same row by the colored rectangle). Of the 25 prime actors who participated in the assessments, more agreed that Jaish al-Islam falls under the category of 'Builder & Solver'. A prime actor assessed as Builder & Solver is seen as wholly committed to inclusive nationalism for Syria. This is their mission.
Syria R3 PA Jaish al-Islam x.jpg

In response to the question, “How is Jaish al-Islam important in the life of Syria?” 

Round 3 participants stated (Nov. 2016 - Jul. 2017):

"They want to join the Free Syrian Army. Their influence will increase if they do.” (230784)

"They have had low influence since their leader was killed.” (230713)

"They are much weaker now, especially since the assassination of their leader, and the situation in Aleppo. They may strengthen if the regime falls. They may be important to the reconstruction.” (233881)

Round 2 participants stated (Aug. 2016 - Oct. 2017):

“They are similar ideologically to Jaish al-Fatah. They want an Islamic state supporting Sharia.” (221641)

“They are one hundred percent pro-Syrian government. They are the ones who the regime trained in prison. They protect the border of Damascus. They were exposed when they allowed the displacement of Daraya. They are financed by the Saudis and Syria.” (220291)

“They have more intellectual people in the political class.” (221641)

“They have a number of fighters. They are a religious affiliation. They are also close to the capital.” (223911)

“They are the only group in eastern Damascus. They have a lot of leverage over the government because of their location. They can bomb the government. They are also in Aleppo.” (221951)

Round 1 participants stated (Jan. 2016 - May 2016):

"They are similar to Ahrar al-Sham but more moderate. They are very popular; they provide services.” (212041)