Ninety-six (96) local, regional, and international organizations and entities (prime actors) were identified by their peers as influential in the life of Syria. In the chart below, the left column ranks the prime actors from most influential in shaping the life in Syria (Russia) to the least influential (Relief International).

The chart also shows the classification of prime actors into five stances indicating the actor's support and contribution to inclusive nationalism for Syria, starting from the most committed (Core) to the least committed (Saboteur).

Amount of influence of Germany in the life of Syria, and the commitment of Germany to inclusive nationalism for Syria.

25 prime actors participated in the following:

  • Determining the rank of Germany according to the amount of its influence on life in Syria. As shown in the chart below, Germany ranked 22nd most influential prime actor.
  • Assessing and classifying Germany according to its commitment to inclusive nationalism for Syria (also indicated in the same row by the colored rectangle). Of the 25 prime actors who participated in the assessments, more agreed that Germany falls under the category of 'Helper'. A prime actor assessed as Helper is seen as supportive of and contributing to inclusive nationalism for Syria, but has other priorities that it considers more important.
Syria R3 PA Germany x.jpg

In response to the question, “How is Germany important in the life of Syria?” 

Round 3 participants stated (Nov. 2016 - Jul. 2017):

"Merkel saw that the refugee influx into the EU countries may cause them to "Brexit." Germany had to set an example by taking in refugees.” (239312)

"Germany assists the PYD and PKK to get their own country.” (230713)

"Germany's upcoming elections in the next year have it focusing internally, especially with the right wing.” (238631)

Round 1 participants stated (Jan. 2016 - May 2016):

“They play a mediation role between France, the United Kingdom, and the United States vs. Russia and Iran.” (215261)