Round 3, July 2017.                                                                                                     العربية

United Nations


Amount of influence in the life of Syria

       Lowest rating: 1 of 5

       Highest rating: 3.5 of 5

       Average rating ( 4 assessments): 2.4 of 5

Commitment to inclusive nationalism for Syria

      Core : 0%

      Champion: 25%

      Conditional: 50%

      Neutral: 0%

      Opposed: 25%


Importance of the UN in the life of Syria

Round 3 statements (Nov. 2016 - July 2017):

       "They have the potential to have a lot of influence, but choose to work through the Assad regime even while condemning him. This limits them. Russia and the United States also supersede them for their own agendas.” (233121)

        "They were unfair to Syria. All their decisions helped to stop the revolution.” (231211)

        "They have been able to pass resolutions lately. They have observers now to watch the evacuation of Aleppo.” (238631)