A Phase III assessment

Twenty-five (25) prime actors participated in identifying existential threats to the country of Syria. In the chart below, the left column ranks the threats from the most important to solve (the Assad Regime/Civil War) to the least (chemical weapons).

For the top three ranked threats, the row of the chart also shows the progression of the Syrian response to each threat: 

0. Ignorance of the threat: There is a threat to the country of which many participating prime actors are unaware)

1. Recognition of the threat, without a solution: Almost all prime actors recognize a significant threat to the country, but the prime actors do not agree on an immediately viable solution to the threat. 

2. Creation of a solution, without yet implementing the solution: The prime actors agree on a solution to the threat, but the solution has not yet been fully implemented. 

3. Mastery without the reintegration of society: The threat is mastered, meaning that the prime actors agree the crisis is resolved in the present, and that if the threat were to recur in the future the country could successfully address the threat. Though the threat is mastered, the country remains divided and distressed.

4. Mastery and reintegration: Any fractures in society caused by the threat have healed and the society is calm and confident. 

Syria R3 Threats ranked 180319.jpg