A Phase III assessment

Twenty-nine (29) existential threats to the country of Syria were identified by prime actors. In the chart below, the left column ranks the threats from the most important to solve (the Assad Regime/Civil War) to the least (chemical weapons). 

The threat of pollution is important because it could damage Syrian agriculture and cause illnesses in the population.

25 prime actors participated in the following:

  • Determining the importance of the threat of Pollution relative to other threats to the country. As shown in the chart below, the threat of Pollution ranked 18th most important.
Syria R3 Threat of Pollution .jpg

In response to questions about the seriousness of the threat of the threat of pollution— 

A Round 1 participant stated (Jan. 2016 - Oct. 2017):

“[Pollution is a serious threat.] The government of Syria got some nuclear material, leftovers from 25 years ago. It was accepted by Syria and buried there. It causes a threat from cancer and things like that. The oil burning in Kuwait [is another example]. [This] is a region of environmental catastrophes." (221211)